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Big Sur Campgrounds and CabinsBig Sur Campgrounds and Cabins
P1 Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins
Big Sur, California VWBig Sur, California VW
P2 Big Sur, California VW
Big Sur California CoastlineBig Sur California Coastline
P3 Big Sur California Coastline
2011 Morro Bay Bird Festival2011 Morro Bay Bird Festival
P4 2011 Morro Bay Bird Festival
4th of July 2009, Cayucos4th of July 2009, Cayucos
P5 4th of July 2009, Cayucos

4th of July 2010, Cayucos4th of July 2010, Cayucos
P6 4th of July 2010, Cayucos
Central Coast MusicCentral Coast Music
P7 Central Coast Music
Firehouse Chili CookoffFirehouse Chili Cookoff
P8 Firehouse Chili Cookoff
Good Clean Fun, Cayucos, CaliforniaGood Clean Fun, Cayucos, California
P9 Good Clean Fun
Good Clean FunGood Clean Fun
P10 Good Clean Fun

Gus's Grocery and SandwichesGus's Grocery and Sandwiches
P11 Gus's Grocery and Sandwiches
Rock Solid Hazmat Safety TrainingRock Solid Hazmat Safety Training
P12 Rock Solid Hazmat Safety Training
Supersonic HydroponicSupersonic Hydroponic
P13 Supersonic Hydroponic
2010 Big Sur Jade Festival2010 Big Sur Jade Festival
P14 2010 Big Sur Jade Festival
Lucia Lodge, Big Sur, CaliforniaLucia Lodge, Big Sur, California
P15 Lucia Lodge, Big Sur, California

Mo's Smokehouse BBQMo's Smokehouse BBQ
P16 Mo's Smokehouse BBQ.
Pacific Valley Fire CrewPacific Valley Fire Crew
P17 Pacific Valley Fire Crew
Sea ShantySea Shanty
P18 Sea Shanty
Lyon County Fair Squeeze ContestLyon County Fair Squeeze Contest
P19 Lyon County Fair Squeeze Contest
2009 Cal Poly Tinbenders Jamboree2009 Cal Poly Tinbenders Jamboree
P20 2009 Cal Poly Tinbenders Jamboree

Tree Bones Resort, Big SurTree Bones Resort, Big Sur
P21 Tree Bones Resort, Big Sur
Morro Bay Police VolunteerMorro Bay Police Volunteer
P22 Morro Bay Police Volunteer
2012 Big Sur Jade Festival2012 Big Sur Jade Festival
P23 2012 Big Sur Jade Festival
Two Wheels MotorcyclesTwo Wheels Motorcycles
P24 Two Wheels Motorcycles
Morro Rock Surf ShopMorro Rock Surf Shop
P24 Morro Rock Surf Shop
Big Sur RedwoodBig Sur Redwood
R1 Big Sur Redwood
Big Sur WaveBig Sur Wave
R2 Big Sur Wave
Morro Rock Fishing BoatMorro Rock Fishing Boat
R3 Morro Rock Fishing Boat
Morro Bay Fish SkeletonMorro Bay Fish Skeleton
R4 Morro Bay Fish Skeleton
Cayucos PierCayucos Pier
R5 Cayucos Pier

Los Osos/Baywood Park Mystic BearLos Osos/Baywood Park Mystic Bear
R6 Los Osos/Baywood Park Mystic Bear
Hat: Morro Bay Fish SkeletonHat: Morro Bay Fish Skeleton
R7 Hat: Morro Bay Fish Skeleton
Hat: Morro Bay Shark SmileHat: Morro Bay Shark Smile
R8 Hat: Morro Bay Shark Smile
Hat: Morro Bay Icon surferHat: Morro Bay Icon surfer
R9 Hat: Morro Bay Icon surfer
Hat: Morro Bay WaveHat: Morro Bay Wave
R10 Hat: Morro Bay Wave.

Morro Bay Psychedelic WaveMorro Bay Psychedelic Wave
R11 Morro Bay Psychedelic Wave
Morro Bay Ling CodMorro Bay Ling Cod
R12 Morro Bay Ling Cod
Morro Rock, Black & WhiteMorro Rock, Black & White
R13 Morro Rock, Black & White
Morro Bay Sex Wax ParodyMorro Bay Sex Wax Parody
R14 Morro Bay Sex Wax Parody
Morro Rock Hillside HomesMorro Rock Hillside Home
R15 Morro Rock Hillside Home

Hoody: Sea Otter CrestHoody: Sea Otter Crest
R16 Hoody: Sea Otter Crest.
Morro Bay RedfishMorro Bay Redfish
R17 Morro Bay Redfish
Big Sur: Surviving Hwy 1Big Sur: Surviving Hwy 1
R18 Big Sur: Surviving Hwy 1
Morro Bay Tina TunaMorro Bay Tina Tuna
R19 Morro Bay Tina Tuna
Los Osos VW VanLos Osos VW Van
R20 Los Osos VW Van

Morro Bay WoodieMorro Bay Woodie
R21 Morro Bay Woodie
Big Sur CondorBig Sur Condor
R22 Big Sur Condor.
Cayucos Pier Black & WhiteCayucos Pier Black & White
R23 Cayucos Pier Black & White

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